About Liisabike

Our Story

Liisabike started with the founders asking each other how cargo biking could be made easier. We had experience with assembly and repair of cargo bikes from the legendary Christiania Smedie and thought we could use this knowledge to create a hassle-free customer experience.

Knowing cargo bikes and knowing families – we have a bunch of kids – we decided to address the issues that could make life easier. We wanted to offer low entry prices, so you do not have to commit a large amount of money to get rolling.

We wanted regular and convenient maintenance, so the bike does not break down, when you need it the most. We wanted easy in and easy out. Get a bike quickly and let it go when you do not need it anymore. And we wanted protection from theft. Anybody that tampers with your bike can expect a visit from our bike hunters.

Why we created Liisabike

This is why, we created Liisabike. To offer an experience that could help even more urban families try the delights of having a cargo bike as their daily commute, thereby saving time, money, and the precious resources of our earth.

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