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1. The lease

The lease is a cargo bike and information about model, equipment and accessories will appear in the contract. The bicycle’s daily price is also stated in the contract and is based on the current purchase prices for ordinary customers set by the dealers of Christianiabikes, Triobikes and Butchers & Bicycles.

2. Leasing contract

When you order a cargo bike, we send you a contract for perusal and approval. When you confirm your order, we will send a contract for electronic signing with NemID. You only undertake to lease the bicycle once you have signed the contract.

At present, the Liisabike subscription operates in Copenhagen and the surrounding area – Postal codes from 1000 – 2930.

3. Payment

When you order a cargo bike, we send you a contract to sign with NemID. You only undertake to lease the bicycle once you have signed the contract.

4. Delivery of the bicycle

The bike must be picked up at Mælkevejen 83a, 1440 Copenhagen K at Christiania Cykler or you can order delivery.
You pay for shipping costs, if you choose to have the bike delivered at the beginning of the contract, and you also pay for collection of the bike at the end of the contract if you do not return the bike yourself. Liisabike can give you an offer on shipping with our partners or you can arrange shipping yourself.

After receiving the bike and within 14 days, kindly make Liisabike aware of any defects. If you have not lodged any complaints or defects on the bike within 14 days, it is assumed that the bike is accepted as agreed upon in the contact.

Before handing over the bike, you must show that you have taken out insurance, or take out one through us. Before handing over the bike, you must have paid the set-up fee as stated on the invoice sent to you after ordering the bike. Bicycles with electric motor are delivered with GPS. Liisabike has entered into an agreement with the company PowUnity to provide data on the bicycle’s geographical position via the installed GPS tracker. Data from this is used to track the bicycle in the event of theft / loss, when picking up the bicycle in case of non-payment, and in anonymised form for statistics on the bicycle’s use and function. Before handing over the bicycle, you must have handed in or uploaded photo identification and health insurance. After the conclusion of the agreement, and before handing over the bike, Liisabike can carry out the usual credit check on you, e.g. and RKI-Experian.

5. Ownership– right of use – responsibility

The leased bicycle is owned by Liisabike, which by agreement gives you the right to use the bicycle.

If you do not pay overdue lease payments, Liisabike can collect the bike from you.

Once the bike is delivered, you are responsible for the bike and also bear the risk of the bike being damaged and lost, no matter how this may happen. If you chose insurance from Liisabike theft and damages are covered to the extent and on the terms specified in the contract.

The bicycle may load a maximum of 100 kg in the load / box and may not be used for craft activities or transport of goods, including rubbish, sweepers or building materials. The bike is rented for the purpose of personal tranportation and may under no circumstances be used for business purposes. 

Busniess purposes includes all forms of cargo, freight and goods transport, package delivery and general delivery and take out services. 

The bike may not be re-rented without a separate agreement with Liisabike.

6. Insurance

You must ensure that the bicycle is insured against theft throughout the leasing period. You can do this through your own insurance or through Liisabike. In the event of the bicycle being damaged or lost, you must pay compensation to Liisabike corresponding to the value of the bicycle.

The bike has GPS mounted, but this does not guarantee that the bike can be found in case of theft and it does not release you from liability to Liisabike.

Lack of insurance coverage does not release you from liability to Liisabike.

7. Lease payment and set-up fee

As payment for the right of use and service agreement, a monthly lease payment is paid. The lease payment for the model you choose and the extra equipment you choose is stated on the website and will also appear in the contract. The lease is paid in advance and is due for payment on the 1st of each month. In connection with the start of the agreement, an additional set-up fee is paid, which will also appear on the website and in the contract.

The setup fee is not refundable. 

8. Maturity and termination

The agreement is valid for a period of 48 months and terminates at the end of the period without notice. When 5 months have elapsed from the start of the agreement, the agreement can be terminated with 1 months’ notice to the end of a month. The minimal payment during the lock-in period is the set-up fee + 6 months’ lease payments. At the end of the agreement, the bicycle is returned to Liisabike in the usual maintained condition. Common signs of wear and tear are acceptable. The bicycle must be returned before the contract expires. If this does not happen, payment must be made for the current month until the bicycle is handed over.

9. Theft and loss

If the leased bicycle is lost, the agreement terminates and you pay compensation equal to the value of the bicycle to Liisabike. You must immediately inform Liisabike that the bicycle has been lost, report the theft to the police, and send a copy of the police report as soon as it is available.

If the theft is covered by insurance, the compensation is the sum insured with the addition of deductible. Liisabike must have a claim statement sent by the insurance company, of which the sum insured appears as soon as it is available. You are obliged to pay the lease payment until you have paid compensation to Liisabike for the lost bicycle. Payment of lease payment is not compensation and cannot be considered as instalments on a lost bicycle.

Once compensation has been paid, Liisabike may offer you a new lease without payment of a new set-up fee, but Liisabike is not obligated to do so.

10. Service and maintenance

Liisabike performs maintenance and service of the bicycle free of charge for you. This happens once a year for bicycles without an electric motor and twice a year for bicycles with an electric motor. Payment for this is included in the lease payment.

For customers who live in Greater Copenhagen and the surrounding area, this service is performed at your home address, in a mobile workshop by Liisabike or Liisabike’s partner Ren cykel or at a bicycle workshop assigned by Liisabike. Prior to the appointment, you will be contacted in order to arrange a time for service.

Service and maintenance includes all services necessary for the bicycle to be in good and reliable condition.
Repair of damages to the bicycle as a result of inappropriate or reckless use as well as patching in the event of a puncture must, however, be paid by you in addition to the agreed lease payment.

We recommend that you regularly inflate tires and lubricate the chain to continuously maintain optimal driving characteristics.

Before repairing damage that results in extra payment, Liisabike must make you aware that repair triggers payment, and there must be agreement on the price for this before the repair is made.

In this connection, you can obtain an offer from Liisabike’s partner and pay this directly.

11. Purchase of the bicycle at residual value

After 6 months, you can at any time request to buy the bike from Liisabike at the bikes residual value. The residual value is determined by Liisabike based on an assessment of the bicycle’s market value.

12. Personal data – GDPR

Personal data that Liisabike receives pursuant to in this agreement will be processed in accordance with the debt law and regulation on personal data.

The processing is done solely for the purpose of this agreement on bicycle rental.

You must inform about any changes in information, e.g. residence and e-mail address, etc., so that Liisabike always has correct information during the term of the contract.
You have the right to be informed of the personal data Liisabike has registered during the term of the agreement.
Data that Liisabike comes into possession of from the GPS service, mentioned in pkt. 2, will only be applied to those in pkt. 2 stated purposes. Statistical information will be anonymized.

Liisabike can enter into an agreement with a service company to be responsible for servicing and repairing bicycles for customers. In that case, Liisabike will share your contact information with the service company at the conclusion of the contract, so that you can be contacted in order to arrange service.

If you take out insurance via Liisabike, data about this will also be processed in accordance with current rules.
Liisabike does not otherwise leave personal data for third-party processing.

After the agreement expires, personal data will be deleted.
Liisabike has developed a data protection policy that can be viewed on the website: www.liisabike.dk

13. Default

If you materially breach your obligations under the agreement entered into, Liisabike may without notice terminate the agreement and claim compensation for its loss.
Late payment of lease payment is considered a material default if the delay exceeds 7 days.

The general rules of Danish law apply in other respects, and the agreement can serve as a basis for enforcement in accordance with section 478 of the Administration of Justice Act.

14. Force Majeure

The following circumstances with Liisabike result in discharge from liability if they prevent the fulfilment of the agreement or make the fulfilment unreasonably burdensome.

Any circumstance that Liisabike does not control, such as labour dispute, strikes, lockout, war, mobilization, seizure, currency restrictions, transportation barriers, transportation delays, restrictions on power, fire, fire, terror, missing or defective deliveries from subcontractors, etc. unless otherwise follows from the general rules of Danish law.

Kindly note:
This English version of the terms and conditions for Liisabike.dk is a translation of the Danish terms. Only the Danish version has validity in terms of company law and privity of contract