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Your cargo bike comes with a large equipment package that makes it fully functional. This includes e.g. canopy, bench, puncture resistant tyres, GPS tracker and two insurance approved locks. But of course you have the option of choosing other accessories if you have a special wish or an additional need.

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Urban Arrow

1.090,00 kr. / month and a 2.400,00 kr. sign-up fee

Urban Arrow is the perfect cargo bike for those who want to ride on two wheels and at the same time have a spacious box. The box can accommodate up to three children and is also made of foam, which is both light and shock-absorbing.

Urban Arrow

Urban Arrow Family Active Plus with Bosch center engine

The bike comes with:

  • Hood
  • Seat with harnesses and room for two children
  • Ring lock and chain lock
  • Lights
  • Bell
  • Anti-puncture tyres
  • GPS tracker

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